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Award winning hardware.

No contract.

£10 per month.

With Refleet's hard-wired, Thatcham approved GPS vehicle tracker, it's never been easier or more affordable to manage your vehicles.


Get real-time information about the location of your vehicles, improve driving behaviour, save on fuel, prevent theft and more. In partnership with one of the UK's leading providers, we have over 190,000 units deployed and 4 billion miles of driving data captured.

Here are some of the benefits:  


Powerful features designed to bring meaningful visibility to your fleet.


  • Hard wired, Thatcham Category 6 security device with a 96% stolen vehicle recovery rate


  • Web-based access from anywhere


  • Comprehensive fleet overviews


  • Real-time information on location, speed, distance etc.


  • Playback historical journeys (including Journey Speed vs Road Speed Limit)


Stay on top of your fleet without being glued to your desk.


  • Customisable daily/weekly/monthly reporting via email including

    • Journey Details & Summary

    • Speeding

    • Mileage

    • Vehicle Events (idling, etc.)

    • Unauthorised Usage

    • Timesheet


  • Configure customised email alerts for real-time notification of:

    • Speeding

    • Vehicle Towed Away

    • Vehicle Impact

    • Idling

    • Tracker Tamper 

    • Point of Interest


Manage locations and customise alerts.

  • Set up unique geo-fences to control usage e.g.

    • Congestion Zone

    • Dartford Crossing

    • Home Addresses

    • Competitors

    • UK Exit Points 

  • Locate vehicles that have entered a location within a date range


To deliver maximum efficiency savings within your fleet, consider the optional driver behaviour functions.


  • Monitor Driver Behaviour and score your employees on:

    • Acceleration

    • Braking

    • Cornering

    • Road Speed

    • Speed Limit

    • Usage (time spent driving without a break)


  • Excellent at identifying non-conformist drivers and rewarding your best whilst reducing fuel spend and minimising wear and tear on vehicles

No Contract
£50 installation (FOC self-install option available)
Hardware rental included
£30 connection fee
Rates exclude VAT
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