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What We Do

"If it appreciates, buy it.

If it depreciates, lease it."

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Oil Baron

Refleet is an independent broker of contract hire, lease, and fleet management solutions. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and find a product that suits them. 


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Contract Hire


Historically most individuals & businessess in the UK have bought their vehicles outright; it's as cultural as wanting to own your own home. A significant percentage are now discovering that, thanks to the bulk buying-power of vehicle funders and the connected tax advantages, contract hire and leasing can have a significantly lower total cost of ownership. Combine this with cash-flow affordability and options like inclusive maintenance and it's easy to see why Contract Hire is the fasted growing funding method in the UK. Contract Hire offers a fixed monthly fee which is ideal for budgeting and is an efficient way of running a fleet with none of the uncertainties and unpredictable costs of ownership.


Download our Contract Hire Cost Comparison Tool Here: 


Lost business revenue estimated to be £727 per day per vehicle off the road.

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Finance Lease (Business Users Only)

Suited to companies that require reliable vehicles that may be subjected to heavy use and/or wear and tear, such as LCVs. Also suitable for companies looking to keep their vehicles on balance sheet and who want to take the residual risk once the contract ends.


Personal Contract Hire

Now more popular than PCP, individuals can also benefit from the advantages of Contract Hire. Fixed monthly rentals simplify budgeting whilst flexible duration and mileage terms can be tailored to your requirements. Vehicle maintenance can be included in monthly rentals, helping spread costs. 


Flexible Hire

Flexible Hire offers businesses a versatile solution to both their short and long term fleet requirements. Incorporating cars and LCVs, we can broker a solution that gives you access to highly competitive rates, online order management, and 1,200 locations throughout the UK. We have a solution to cover anything from 1 day to over 2 years. 


Whole Life Cost

Whole Life Cost is a smarter way of selecting vehicles for your fleet which takes into account all the costs associated with running a vehicle, not just the monthly lease payment. By selecting vehicles with better fuel consumption, lower tax and National Insurance levels, we can help your business become more profitable. 


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Fleet Audit's & Downtime Reduction

Even the best fleets have room for improvement. Where possible, we begin every business relationship by carrying out a free audit of all aspects of your current fleet. This allows us to gain an understanding of the role fleet plays within your business. For example, if one of your operatives generate £500 of revenue each day and they spend 5 days off the road due to poor vehicle reliability, this has cost you £2,500 and no doubt affected your reputation. We aim to show you how to reduce CO2 emissions, administration, and downtime. 

If you feel you'd benefit from discussing any of these services in more detail, please contact us to arrange a consultation over the phone or in person. 

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