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Fixed price fuel across the UK.

Below average pump prices.

No transaction or card charges.

Nearly all businesses agree: fuel cards offer a convenient solution for refuelling company vehicles. But not all fuel cards were created equal; many are loaded with hidden charges that make them more expensive than refuelling at pump prices. 


We take a different approach; Refleet offer their customers access to a unique buying group. Whether you have 1 or 1000 vehicles, you can join a collective that will provide consistently cheap fuel prices with none of the auxiliary costs associated with most fuel cards. That's right; no more card charges, transaction fees, or gradually increasing fuel margins.


Join the buying group to receive:


  • Collective fuel prices usually reserved for larger fleets thanks to grouped economy of scale


  • Fixed price fuel across the UK


  • Choice of 6 networks 


  • No hidden costs or gradual increases in margin


  • No card charges, administration fees, network fees or anniversary charges (excluding a .85p standing charge if the card hasn't been used once in a calendar month)


  • HMRC compliant invoicing


  • Significant costs saving against major brands like Allstar


  • Exceptional customer service from UK team, with no switchboard!


  • Free access to industry leading mobile site locator and online account management


Need more information and current fuel prices?

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