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Innovative & easy to use.

Alerts tell you what to do and when.

No more spreadsheets.

Let’s face it, running company vehicles is a headache. With so much to think about, it can be difficult to juggle it all, especially when you have other responsibilities. Are your vehicles all taxed, MOT'd, serviced and regularly inspected? Are your driver's licences checked? When does that lease expire again?


In addition, driving is the most dangerous thing most staff do. As an employer, you are legally obliged to put in place recognised systems and processes to manage that risk. 

If you are using a spreadsheet (or 3) to try and keep track of it all, now's the time to look into Fleet Management Software.


Fleet Management software can make looking after those vehicles much more straight forward.


Written by Fleet Managers, for Fleet Managers, this system acts as a data hub - it automatically pulls information from your trackers, DVLA, fuel cards, manufacturers and more to tell you what to do and when to do it.


It gets companies off spreadsheets and helps them run things more intuitively. It also stops you relying on drivers who don’t care for the vehicles they’re driving!


The features it offers are vast, but include:


  • Innovative traffic light alert system giving you automated priority-based alerts of what to do and when to do it (including vehicle MOTs, servicing, tax and more). Never miss a thing


  • Mobile digital vehicle inspection sheets to ensure vehicles are always road legal and complaint


  • Fuel card integration, fuel spend, fuel theft and true MPG reporting


  • Driver policy management


  • Pool car, accident, maintenance and driver management


  • Automated licence checking


  • Cloud-based and secure


  • Works with your existing systems

  • FORS, DVSA & FTA approved

The system is now used by hundreds of businesses to manage over 40,000 vehicles.


It saves companies time, money, and keeps them on the right side of health & safety compliance.


If you have 5 or more vehicles, you’ll see huge benefits from this system.


With pricing from £3.50, why not get in touch for a free demo?

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